Early Signs of a Possible Storm

So many times people have freaked about events on the news, and what people feared would happen didn’t happen. Many times people have freaked out about a possibility of World War III breaking out, made prediction, and then nothing serious happened. One of the worst example was when some people thought the world would end in 2012; I think very few people believed that one. And there have been plenty of examples in the last few years of freaking out that horrible things would happen, and firing up the internet. By this point I’ve seen enough to be reasonable skeptical and not fear too much. It isn’t good to be filled with fear and anxiety; being worried about circumstances beyond one’s control, when worrying doesn’t cause things to change. Yet it’s is also important to understand that there are times when horrible events actually happen. Is it reasonable to fear the coronavirus spreading in the USA? Or will people in the USA freak out over nothing? Unfortunately, I don’t the United States isn’t safe there may be more significantly cases of infection in the near future.

The NY Times has already reported 60 cases of people infected with the coronavirus in the US 12AM, Feb. 27. The issue is already bad; the USA is one of the worst countries affected by the problem.

A report came in recently of the first case of a non-Chinese citizen being infected . A resident of Solano county, California “who was not exposed to anyone known to be infected with the coronavirus, and had not traveled to countries in which the virus is circulating, has tested positive for the infection.” He is apparently receiving medical care in Sacramento county and I pretty sure he was sent to the UC Davis Medical Center.

Good news, recently one Chinese patient infected by coronavirus has been treated according to a report by Sacramento Bee. He was treated at the UCD Med Center. Thankfully, infection is treatable and there are more examples of people being treated.

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